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Just Another Set of Twins.. [entries|friends|calendar]
Parvati and Padma

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The Most Amazing Night of my LIFE! [05 Sep 1997|02:31pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Last night was so amazing... I spent it with Fred Weasley... and we did... well. you know. ;-)

When I was sneaking out of the RoR, Headmaster Dumbledore caught me! He says the oddest things.. I was soooooo embarassed.

Anyway, I suppose I'm now Fred's girlfriend.. Weeeeeeee I'm so happy. It puts me in a dreamy state..

*dances away happily* *feeds some EXTRA HYPER catnip to Crookshanks*

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Aaargh! [03 Sep 1997|12:38pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

I really think that bloody cat is up to something! it give me odd looks at all times of the day! It's CREEPY! I have to go to bed after I finish this homework, and I am almost afraid to fall asleep with that thing around. Everyone thinks I'm silly to think it's up to something, after all, it's only a cat.

I think I'm falling for someone, an "older" man. I wonder what my mum would say!

*dreamy sigh* he's just.. so funny and charming.. and that SMILE is to die for. Anyways, I'm going to help test out a few products for Fred and George, maybe have a bit of fun and help out a few friends from stuck places while I'm at it!

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Owl from Mum :/ [02 Sep 1997|10:57pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

Mum just owled me back, and apparently one of the muggles on the train, was my aunt. I have never met her, but she was related none the less.. She was a distant aunt, but the fact that she could be killed by something related to magic, is a bit creepy :/ I don't think any of us are safe....

Hopefully, once again, Harry can save us.

Anyways, Crookshanks can barely stay in one place, Hermione gave him some catnip, and he's beginning to scare me, he always looks around with this evil cat glare and such.. creepy cat :/

Sigh, off to evening meal, then to do my homework in the library.
I hate potions.

Snape is evil :/

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Padma here [02 Sep 1997|01:48pm]
[ mood | curious ]

I have the oddest feeling that Parvati is up to something.. I have no idea what, because I only see her during meal times and inbetween classes, but it's something.. either that or she's taken a liking to Red Heads :/

hmm I wonder... *debates about this*

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Both of us this time. [01 Sep 1997|10:45pm]
[ mood | scared ]

I can't believe it. The Train ride that I (Parvati) love so much, has... been the worst expierence of my life.

Blaise Zabini is gone. She was a 6th year Slytherin and I only remember seeing her around sometimes. Padma says she saw her a lot in the hallways, usually with Pansy. Still, another student gone. Another lost to the war.

We owled our mother today, started the line out with "The War Has Just Begun" Padma doesn't believe that it was a smart thing to say, but our parents need to realize that we are in danger, no matter when or where. I don't think she completely believes You-Know-Who is back. More's the pity.

Anyway, Dumbledore wants to discuss things with us tomorrow, so I should probably get some sleep, classes will be solem, like they were when Cedric left us.

We both must remember to say a prayer for Cedric and Blaise tonight.


Parvati and Padma.

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Parvati Here [30 Aug 1997|02:52pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

We leave for the train tomorrow! I'm so exicited.. I can't wait, I always do so love the train ride. I got a new jumper to wear tomorrow until we change too.. Maybe I'll meet someone new I haven't met before.. Hopefully a guy!

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